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to Steiner Tax Consultants.


We are an independent Tax Consultancy based in the financial centre of Cape Town. We are highly effective South African Tax Practitioners with German tax consultant licences that are also experts in accounting and economics and have specialized in consultation issues between South Africa and Germany.

Our consultants offer you and your clients a unique contact point for prudent client care in the field of economic and financial interrelationships with South Africa.

Our qualified consulting services supports companies and investors in achiving optimum tax planning within South Africa and in Germany to allow for ease of doing business.

Über uns


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Anselm Steiner

MA, MSc Taxation, 
German public certified Tax Adviser and Chartered Tax Advisor (SAIT)

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Anthea Cloete


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Angelika Steiner

Dipl. BW (BA), BCom (Hons) Taxation UCT, German public ceretified Tax Advisor and Certified Specialist in business transmissions

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Astrid Hampton

Office Clerk, Tax Accountant

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Jessica Stuart Hammond

BCom (open) (Hons) Business Management - Business Taxation,

Office Manager

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Daniel Stone

Tax Assistant, Accountant

Das Team
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Graduation Hutwurf


by Steiner Tax Consultants.

We are always open to growing and inviting new people onboard to join our team.

A strong potential candidate would have, not only an education rooted in accounting and/or taxation, but also be purpose-driven in pursuit of working in this field.

Our aim is to nurture young people with potential to be part of the growth of the business.

- in German only - 

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Pevious month

Automated data exchange

Double taxation agreements are only part of the international agreements that serve as a basis for data exchange between countries. However, transparency rules such as the Common Reporting Standards and the money laundering regulations are also increasingly shaping the information culture domestically. It would therefore be negligent not to assume the efficiency of this data collection.

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Up to which point interests on loans are deductible?

If you purchase a property in South Africa on a loan and you think that interests could be deductible from the rental income, caution is required, especially with shareholder loans. Interest caps and the requirement of the arm's lenght principle when it comes to contracts with connected persons limit the planning options in the South African income tax system.

If a real estate purchase in South Africa is to be financed and the income from its rental is to be minimized through interest, caution is required, especially with shareholder loans. Interest caps and the lack of a third-party comparison also limit the design options desired in South Africa.


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