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Anselm Steiner was born in Munich. He studied in Paris and obtained the qualification as a French teacher and a Master’s degree in comparative linguistics with a focus on automatic translations. Mr Steiner worked as an instructor, a translator and economic journalist in France and was an audit senior of a Parisian auditing office for more than 10 years. 


Restructuring consulting brought him to Berlin in 1990 where he finally took over the management for personnel, finances, administration and merchandise logistics in wholesale trade and in the economic sector of  production and equity management. He conducted negotiations with the social partners. Mr Steiner worked as a business economist in audit committees for more than 10 years, completed the training as a Systemic Coach, graduated as a Master of Taxation with a focus on International Tax Law, completed the German public tax consultant exam, and is Tax Practitioner as member of the professional tax board SAIT in South Africa. He qualifies as Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA).


He has been a partner of the legal tax firm Steiner Steuerberatungsgesellschaft (Germany) since 2006 and works remotely as a family office manager.

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