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Self Assessment: Do you really need a tax advisor?

One may think that these questions are simple to answer. Why complicate things?

Instead of desperately googling around, get information from a Chartered Tax Adviser without any hassels.

Click below to get started with our complimentary scorecards to see, where fields of professional advice could be located.

Scorecards are available for the following situations:



Even if these topics don't seem to answer your questions, you will see many similarities. Just give it a try ... or read on!

First download our Engagement Letter, fill out all the relevant fields and sign on each page. You will be requested to upload the completed pdf later in this form.
We have combined two forms in one pdf:

  •  Tax Consulting Engagement Letter

  •  Conditions of Engagement Letter

Steiner Tax Consultants Client Form
Provide us with the correct information and save costs!
Upload pdf Conditions of Consulting

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