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1. Our fee rates at a glance

1.1 Individual advice, initial consultation, partner

One-off compliance fee for onboarding, documentation and administration: R 2,000*
Consultation with a partner, per half hour or part thereof: R 2,500

1.2 Special work by specialist employees

Setting up bank accounts, powers of attorney, representation, registration and deregistration at the tax office, tracking applications at the tax office and other offices, setting up domiciliations, etc., per half hour started: R 750

Flat rates for:
   SARS registration of non-resident taxpayer: R 6
   VAT registration VAT-vendor: R 15,000
   COID (accident) registration employer: R 4,000
   UIF/SDL registration (unemployment): R 4,000
   Creation an registration new Limited CIPC: R 20,000

1.3 Payroll

Basic monthly fee: R 300 to R 600, depending on volume
Payslips and Reports PAYE per month per employee: R 160
Annual reports and remuneration certificates: R 3,000
Workman's compensatio
n fund return: R 1,500
Consultations and contract management: every half hour started or part thereof: R 1,500

1.4 Client accounting according to IFRS and HGB

Monthly accounting according to IFRS or HGB (German GAAP) on online accounting in XERO, SAGE, DATEV or HMD

Document archiving, reports and annual accounts
Fee: volume-dependent, on request

Filing with the Companies Register (CIPC): R 1,500 plus CIPC fees


1.5 Remote back office (accounting back office)

Add-on bookkeeping back office service for German tax consultants: 50% of the respective client sales price

1.6 Tax returns

Tax computation, current tax returns, exit tax, inheritance and gift tax, VAT, corporation tax, capital gains tax, STC, applications and requests

Fee: analogous to the public tax consultant's fee regulations in Germany
EG: declaration of rental income non residents (depending on client's preparation of work): R 7,000 to R 15,000 per property
SARS verification request, simple cases: R 3,000

Dispute process if additional assessment: R 4,000


1.7 Other services

Company audits, due diligence, execution of wills, auditing of accounts, domiciliation, payment transactions, public officer, translations and others

Fee: by agreement
Public officer function (companies) if financial backup guaratee: R 19,000 p.a.

1.8 Public Certifications and Affidavits

As a statutory performance obligation, free of charge

2. Fare reduction

2.1 Accounting for consulting services

If the first tax return is preceded by a consultation according to Section 1.1, the fee invoice for the first tax return is reduced by R 1,500.

2.2 Credit for our ePublications

If you have purchased an e-publication prior to a consultation according to Section 1.1, we will deduct the price of the download from the first fee invoice.

2.3 Reduction of our compliance fees

*If you fill out our client fact sheet yourself, submit the documents and declarations required by professional law completely and email them to us, we will of course reduce our compliance cost allocation according to Section 1.1. to R 1,000

You can find the form for this via this link .

​3. Due date, VAT, place of jurisdiction

Our fee notes are due upon receipt of the invoice. Place of jurisdiction is Cape Town.


All of the above tariffs are invoiced plus VAT at 15% (normal case). Clients with confirmed tax residency abroad who are not in South Africa at the time the service is rendered and whose service is not consumed in South Africa: VAT at 0%.

Version 26/5/2023

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